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September 23, 2007

Watch Out for this Alien Furniture!

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Check out these absolutely thumping furniture pieces. The company producing the magic makes each unit individually from various scrap vehicle parts. All products are made from scratch ensuring your alien coffee table is nothing like the one your friend has, keeping you special, just like your mother always told you you were. galleryPost(‘AlienFurniture’, 3, ‘AlienFurniture’);




  • alien3gal.jpg
  • alien2gal.jpg
  • alien1gal.jpg

If having alien permanently crouched on your carpet turns you on, you shall be thankful for the unintentional ergonomics of the design, but you shall need some serious cash to get one of these bad-boys state side. Prices range from approx. $124 – $4,500, depending on what you opt for. Chairs, coffee tables, stools and coat racks are all available. As the manufacturer is based in the UK, postage shall probably be vast, but if you are dropping $4,500 on a coffee table that probably is not such an issue. Bornrich has an extensive gallery, be sure to hit the link to check it all out. Link

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