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October 10, 2007

Darth Vader Flashlight

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How does it feel, Darth. From Ruler of the known Universe to kiddie flashlight. How far you have fallen after 30 years of over-merchandising. How do you work? A kid squeezes you, your head pops an you light up. Seriously? Do you like that, Darth? When the kids squeeze you?

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Geeks, it’s up to us. We need to bite this Star Wars toy stuff in the bud ASAP, lest our children and children’s children think Darth Vader is nothing more than a flashlight, dust buster or some other mundane marketing scheme. Unfortunately, this one is already sold out. [ubergizmo]


October 7, 2007

Musical from Used Hard disko.

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“HardDisko”, an art project by Valentina Vuksic controls sixteen hard drives by alternating simple power/timer circuits to conduct a symphony of sorts. Attached to each disk is a sound pickup connected to a mixer so that when the drive starts up, its initialization process is amplified out to the speakers. Maybe the “Disko” name also means that they come with LED backlit floors for getting down.

HardDisko by Valentina Vuksic –Link


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For common Hulk collectors, performing “plastic surgery” on one of your favorite figurines may not sound reasonable, but then again, not too many of ’em have tried to make a 13-inch poseable monster lug around a PC. Enter the Hulk PC mod, which ranks up there pretty high among the most astounding rigs we’ve ever seen. The project began with a simple store-bought Raging Hulk, a micro-ATX motherboard, lots of tools and a vision. Some 14 months later, the final creation was complete. We can’t begin to describe how much work was actually put into this thing here, but feel free to click on through for a couple more shots and hit the read link to visit the beast’s dedicated site.




September 23, 2007

Portable Phono System.

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In 1983, an enterprising inventor came up with Mister Disc, the “personal portable phono system.” Considering that I, a major audio geek, had never heard of Mister Disc until 2006, I can only assume that it never caught on with the public. That’s not hard to understand. After all, who wanted to haul an armload of LPs or 45s with them wherever they went?

Whatever the case, I hope you enjoy learning about this short-lived piece of audio history. Link


September 22, 2007

The Making of Phonographs.

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Img413 1295

THE silent black disk that makes noises when needled is chiefly shellac, lampblack and limestone. In its manufacture, however, pure gold, wax, glass, copper, nickel and sometimes chromium are used by the craftsmen who operate the intricate and delicate machines that squeeze sound into a scratch.

From beginning to end, the commercial manufacture of records is a tremendously exacting process. For example, 50 percent of the wax-coated glass disks on which the music is recorded are rejected before reaching the cutting room. The accompanying pictures tell the story. Link

September 18, 2007


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combi_lock_sm.jpgThe Combi-Bolt is a traditional sliding bolt, but it has a 4-dial, 10,000 number possible combination lock for keyless security. I used to have a Hasp and padlock on my backyard shed and had to cut the padlock off more than once because one of my kids lost the key. I’ve now had this lock on my shed for over a year and I love it. I keep my garden tools, the dog toys, basketballs and even a spare house key in my shed, and I no longer have to worry about my kids losing yet another key or myself having to destroy another padlock! Everyone has access when they need it and if for some reason I want to change the combination, it’s easy to do. It’s constructed of solid metal and has held up well over our snowy, rainy, windy winter and works just as well as it did the day I installed it. It also came with “one way” screws so that once it’s installed, you’d have a tough time getting them out (luckily I positioned it correctly the first time). You can even use this lock as a child safety device to keep the kids out of the cupboards in your home or workshop.

Link: Combi-Bolt

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