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October 3, 2007

Mario’s 1UP Mushroom Light.

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The Mushroom Lamp is a glowing feat of technology. But it’s not the power efficient LEDs that will stretch the life of the 4AA battery power supply that has us impressed. It’s the lawsuit-avoiding tech of unlicensed merchandise. Clearly reminiscent of the mushrooms floating around in Nintendo’s famous Mario Bros. franchise, buyer beware. These mushrooms are not official Mario mushrooms. So they may or may not expand your body to mutant proportions or allow you “another shot at life” after falling down an infinite hole.

And unfortunately, they also lack the hallucinogenic properties to make you believe said occurrences are happening. Link


Mario’s Brother Air Freshener.

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When we think of freshness, there’s nothing better than the smell of two Italian dudes that spend their day stomping on mushrooms and sticking their heads into toilets and pipes. For $7.61, that’s exactly what you’re going to get. The only thing worse than this is if they released a second edition Wario air freshener, which would probably smell like Costco wine, day-old vomit and Mario’s ass. [Dealextreme via Uber Review]

Your Tiny Chairs for Your Gadgets!

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Looking for a place to park that new Zune? Brando suggests pulling up The Chair, a $6 gadget stand that looks like those stackable chairs you lugged outside to the church picnic back in olden times. Now when you play Bag Lady Barbie with those mini shopping carts Jason introduced you to last week, at least Barbie will have a tacky old-fashioned 6-inch-high chair in which to sit. [Brando]

September 22, 2007

DIY Tea Timer!

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Tea Timer 2
Rob writes –

Guido knew the secret to a perfect cuppa. It’s all in the timing. So he designed a battery-powered tea timer with a built-in LED display that will brew a perfect cup of tea every time. It’s simple: just fix a tea-bag on the tea timer’s extension arm, place a mug of hot water underneath it and push a button according to how strong you like your tea. The microcontroller-operated, 5V circuit provides a servo motor with control pulses to lower and raise the arm and the power supply is switched off automatically via FET.

DIY Tea timer – Link.

September 18, 2007

Tom McKimson’s paycheck, 1944

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Hey! I came across to this oldtimer cartoonist news by Jerry at Cartoonbrew. Warner Bros. uber-art collector Eric Calande recently added this item to his collection: A 1944 paystub belonging to animator Thomas McKimson. You know how much it cost on that day! Notes Eric:
Schlesinger was paying him a whopping $90 a week. This comes to about $4700 a year when an average salary in 1944 was $20 – $25,000 $2, 600. As these were the war years, the check shows a “Victory Tax” deduction. There’s also a field for a “war bonds” deduction.

Link : Cartoonbrew

Instant Water Purifier.

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I took a SteriPEN to Africa for 3 months this summer and the verdict is in: it’s the best water purifier you can carry without a tractor-trailer. It’s basically a UV ray flashlight you submerge into your glass. The water stays cool and it doesn’t change the water, except to kill all the living things in it, viruses included. It is expensive, but pays for itself quickly, as you don’t have to buy bottled water. On my trip, often when I asked a waiter for a glass of tap water, my request would elicit a smile or a laugh. In some cases, they simply would not bring me a glass of water. Most of the time, though, I convinced them — and then, to their amazement, I would take out the SteriPEN, push a button, and stir the water with the glowing purple UV light that always brought stares from other diners. After less than 60 seconds, I would take out the SteriPEN and drink the water, occasionally hearing gasps from other tables. Then I’d mention that UV light is how certain towns and companies now sterilize water.

Link: Amazon

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